… enjoy & debate … involves the promotion of different kinds of local communication.  A kind of para-journalism, if you like: just as para-medics save lives, so para-journalists save communities.

But it’s not just a question of serious democracy: enjoy & debate events allow you to do many grand things with and in your local community.  From tasting fine wine, cheeses and food from your area to debating the controversial and fascinating issues of the day – whether regional, national or global – being part of enjoy & debate means being part of a growing conviviality in democracy.

enjoy & debate provides three levels of association:

  1. enjoyer – this is free.  All you need to do is turn up when and if an event attracts you (some events will have a charge to attend)
  2. debater – a nominal monthly fee of 1 GBP allows you to form part of teams who will debate the issues of the day
  3. organiser – a monthly subscription of 5 GBP means you prepare, structure and define the terms of events

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