rules of the game


  1. It’s not a game but life.
  2. Life is not life but a game.
  3. The game of life is all there is.
  4. All there ever will be is the game.
  5. The game does not exist.
  6. Life does not exist.

I need to eat … but even here what should be a pleasure is being played out as a game.  I don’t like games, and have always striven to avoid them.

I need to eat.  Yes.

I need to eat.

And yet … even here … for some at least it’s the fiercest game there could be.

And I am not fierce, and I don’t want to become so, for I know my measure.  And I would probably get to enjoy it.  And I would be a bad person.  And although I am not as good as I could be, I have managed to avoid being as bad I might’ve been.
Though there’s still time.  

Let’s not do it, eh?


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