i need to be with people, too … yer know?*

Learning ain’t everything in life.  Sometimes it’s putting stuff into practice, yer know.

I wish I could start doing this.

The universe conspires – or plots; or maybe kindly leads me off on a tangent to distract me – but either, or any, way I can’t quite make that jump to the kind of monetisable notoriety which wouldn’t half come in handy here.

So anyways.  I worked really hard today: done some decent photo-processing; learnt and put into practice stuff I learnt and/or already knew; could’ve done it better, of course; but equally, might’ve done it quite a bit worse.

But rather than all this art, I’d still really just touch the skin of a person I want, and who wants me, and who also wants to touch my skin, and wants to stroke me, and wants to maybe kiss and embrace me even.  And I can’t figure out why it don’t happen.

And so I ask the question, over and over.

So much to ask, me hearties?  So much to ask?

FullSizeRender (Edited)(29) FullSizeRender (Edited)(27) FullSizeRender (Edited)(28) FullSizeRender (Edited)(26) FullSizeRender (Edited)(25) IMG_2696 (Edited) IMG_2693 (Edited) FullSizeRender (Edited)(24) FullSizeRender (Edited)(23) IMG_2734 FullSizeRender (Edited)(20) IMG_2663 IMG_2730 FullSizeRender (Edited)(18)


* Talking of which, I had dinner by myself yesterday – kinda celebrating my daughter’s academic achievements; something I think I already pointed out on these pages.

Well, now you can see my first TripAdvisor: and it thoroughly recommends the place I ate at.  You can find the review here.  The photos they didn’t publish, meanwhile, below!!!



FullSizeRender (Edited)(10)


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