the future (which outshines)

I had a good sleep, but didn’t half wake up early.

Done lots of admin; pleased how I’m getting on top of life.

Looking to the future; wanting so much to leave the past where it needs to stay.

And the only way to leave the past in the passed is to make a new future which outshines all the dark that was once there.

Yeah.  I’ve fallen in love with a beautiful woman, who’s fairly out of my reach because she has other commitments.  And I guess this might be the story of my life, except it doesn’t continue in quite the same way.  I’m not exactly settling for second best with the friendship offered: I’m looking to ensure that the friendship offered outshines all and everything a relationship of lovers might have offered in exchange.


And maybe to be flashily in love, to be a lover and not friend first and foremost, ain’t the 21st century way after all.  And maybe one day she could be a friend who was a woman; and maybe it could become elsewise, though I resist saying “more”.

And maybe I’m not talking about her being a girlfriend, because she most certainly ain’t a girl.

A womanfriend, p’raps, is what I really mean.

I’d love her as a womanfriend.


That’s the term I’m going to choose from now on.




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