People play games in three ways: one, games whose rules are known to both sides; two, games whose rules are known to only one side; three, where one of the two sides doesn’t even properly know a game is being played.

Hey-ho.  Such is life.

Maybe this triangulates its reality.

Or maybe it’s just a game in itself.  The universe as a player even.

And maybe there’s no pattern, after all.

All I know is I’ve learnt to deal with most of the above three types in my life of curious misadventure.  And I’m proud of having done so.  It’s a helluva struggle to contemplate and then deal with.  It can drive you mad.  It did me once, but I refused to give up.

And I am more of a man for doing so, you know.  Not an island of a man: instead, a flowing glowing gorgeous river of a man.

I accept responsibility for my actions, and hope one day to live a life in reciprocal love.  In the meantime …


… time to go finish my Earl Grey!  From now on, I’m a glass half-full man every time.  And you better believe it.


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