four things … (a facebook game)*

And so starteth the game …

OK. So I got this from Carol, and have slightly cheated by slightly amending …

Four names I go by:
1. Miljenko
2. Mil
3. Mils
4. Phil, Bill, Mel, Will … you get the drift!  🙂

Four places I’ve lived:
1. Oxford
2. Chester
3. Burgos
4. Salamanca

Four things I love to watch:
1. Star Trek: The Original Series
2. Citizen Kane
3. Meet Me In St Louis
4. Anything with or by Orson Welles

Four places I have visited and enjoyed:
1. Dublin
2. Liverpool
3. London
4. Madrid

Four things I love to eat:
1. Irish food (should more precisely be food in Ireland …)
2. Pret A Manger brown baguette / their soups too
3. Italian food in La Fattoria, Chester
4. You (you know who you are!)

Four people I think will respond and hopefully be fun:
1 Richard
2 Candice
3. Tony
4. Tetiana

Four favourite drinks:
1. Double espresso with a naughty dash of unorthodox cream
2. S.Pellegrino sparkling water
3. Grapefruit juice (preferably ruby red with bits!)
4. You (you know who you are!)

Now here is what you’re supposed to do.  Please don’t spoil the fun … copy and paste this in your status and update it with your responses.  To copy this, just hold your finger down on this text, and it will highlight this entire post.  Select copy, then go to your status, tap in the message, and have some fun!


… and so endeth the game …


img_1863 img_1857 IMG_1855 (Edited) IMG_1865 IMG_1870 IMG_1873 (Edited)


* One thing I don’t mention, of course, is I’m too scared to mention the person who most means the most to me now.  But the fear is not out of fear itself so much as a primal need to be respectful.

And I shall always be that – in the frame of my very real affection for all the good people I meet, and inevitably fall in love with – in much the same way as, in retrospect, I now believe I have always striven to become.


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