Stuff I posted in a different life

The last almost-year has seen me blogging in many other places.

In December 2014, I password-protected this blog – though not its RSS feed – with the idea of using it as a private writing-space.  It didn’t quite work out like that, as you can see from the post previous to this one.

In a post-Snowden world, we cannot write online and fully suggest it is going to be private for very long.

The Zuckerbergs of this world even believe we shall be able to read each other’s thoughts very soon.

I’m not sure this will happen.  That is to say, I’m sure reading thoughts will shortly be possible, but there will exist a hierarchy whereby some of us, the privileged ones, will always get to read first – whilst the rest of us, the disadvantaged, will only generally be read …

So does this post now mean I’m returning to the old 21st Century Fix fold?  I don’t think so.  Firstly, I’ve set up my stall in so many other places now; secondly, I write differently too in each of them – and this is something I pursued and attempted for so long.

A place, any place, not just a blogsite, is four walls is an environment which defines, after all.

But if any of what is contained in the archives of this blog can one day be made productive use of by someone who might care, let it sit as a testament to the foolishness of youth.

Not chronological, because I started writing it at the age of forty-four.  But mentally, at least, for sure.


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