– so what?

I’ve been working on (currently / / / – or at the very least its guiding principles – for over a decade now. Empowering those who are disempowered in a way which doesn’t disrupt unnecessarily, and does contribute to a better democracy.

But also I choose to include those with what we might term “intelligent wealth”: those who do not concentrate their overwhelming resources in a sterile fashion but use them all the time to generate a truly wider benefit. Not benevolence. Not a high-and-mighty philanthropy. Something else; something much more humane.

And when I say “doesn’t disrupt unnecessarily”, it’s because I’ve come to realise a degree of disruption is sometimes needed. But openness to all too. This recent post of mine on art and porosity serves as a case in point; this one on art, business and glocalism even more so.

So, as I recently pointed out, how do we inform without informing on? How do we create a society whose data is well-collated without taking advantage of all that information to repeat the patterns of control: how, essentially, do we use it to increase access to democracy and not continue its elitising?

I hope the project will prove a useful indicator for other future “hows”. That is my firm belief – as well as my sincere desire.

If you need to contact me, please do so via the contact form at the following site:

Many thanks. I’m sure we’ll see each other soon.


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