My view (and tentative version) of the #sharingeconomy

I made a video on Sunday about the #hyperlocal project I’m working on called

I’m slowly spreading the word in different places – so if you’ve already seen something like this, apologies for imposing on your time once again.

You can see the video below.

Just to give you a quick heads-up: I see grand virtues in Creative Commons licensing systems, cultures and goals and have set them as defaults for the environment, but (as the traditionally-trained publisher I am) also strongly believe anyone who cares to use more standard copyright conventions for material they contribute should be allowed to do just that – and in the very same online context as others who are choosing differently.

The #sharingeconomy should only ever mean democracy and choice – we should never force people to share in only one “best way”, just as we similarly should never force people to volunteer when they don’t want to.

(I mention the latter because it almost happened in a company I once worked for.  Only trades-union intervention ensured it didn’t ultimately get implemented.

Meanwhile, in Britain, there are moves to make young people work for less than two quid an hour – a clear enough case of forced “volunteering” if there ever was one.)

Anyhow.  I’ll continue to keep you posted occasionally over here on progress of the project as it moves forward.  If you’re interested in keeping closer tabs on it, why not bookmark the homepage; attend a presentation; or follow the dedicated blog?

And if this is really not of interest to you, I promise not to bore too often in the future.



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