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Here’s a reblog for a post on micro-business, taken from a new blog I’ve just set up to pull together recent thoughts on the #hyperlocal #wiki called Although most of the content on the new blog is techie/philosophical in nature, this particular post – on a new co-working hub in Chester, UK, for micro-businesses in particular – is more generally relevant. Hope you excuse the indulgence! 🙂


They used to be called sole traders or artisans or master bakers or guilds-people various.  They were the life blood of cities like Chester in the UK.  Then, as the Industrial Revolution steamed through all such distinctions, they were lumped into the catch-all of small business.

Now rebranding is breathing new life into the sector: micro-businesses is what so many of us are struggling to be.  But it shouldn’t be a struggle; it should be a value hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of British workers would choose to add to what could become a vibrant economy – but at all levels of activity.

The problems are common.  Working from home, which so many of us do, leads to isolation; problems of separating life and biz; and disenchantment with projects which seem so initially fantastic.  So what better than an environment which, more than incubating business plans, incubates people’s lives?

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