“Love means never having to say ‘I trust you!'”

Here’s one for the conspiracy theorists amongst us.

Yesterday we got this story from the British Mirror:

When teacher Catharine Higginson, 45, discovered by accident that her husband James, 42, had installed an app on her phone which allows him to track her movements, read her texts and even listen to her conversations she didn’t plan to divorce him as her friends urged, for being creepy and intrusive.

Instead, the mum of three from Dorking, Surrey, says it makes her feel loved and safe

The following day, this time from the Independent, though with a bit of a shabby and hollow kind of a feel around the edges to it (don’t know why, just strikes me that way), we’ve got this:

The iPhone has secret spyware that lets governments watch users without their knowledge, according to Edward Snowden.

If we lived in times where news was a manipulation game, I’d suggest the first story was conditioning the public in preparation for the second.

As we don’t really, maybe we should forget this latter supposition.

Actually, to its credit, the Mirror does publish this afternoon an opinion piece from Fleet Street Fox, which totally dismantles the thesis of its first report.

But the suspicion will remain.

At least, amongst the less trusting out there.

What was it they said in that film all those years ago?  “Love means never having to say ‘I trust you!'” … or something along those lines.


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