feeling really good about being really small

Glyn sends this lovely tweet our way this morning:

It shows us – leads us to – a bit of the universe: one galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy.

You can zoom by clicking.

And by clicking, you see a bit more.

And that bit more makes you feel – so much – how really small we are.

To be honest, I feel fine with that too.  It doesn’t impact my self-worth in the least.  It makes me, as it does Glyn on second thoughts, actually kind of relieved:

This planet is ours to hand on to our children.  But even if we’re not up to the job, the universe will still be alive.  That’s not so we give up on the challenge, mind.  It’s just so we understand the universe is strong, big and durable.

And as we are also part of that universe, maybe so are we.


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