Klip.me, the Internet and Amazon’s Kindle

A brilliant little tool called Klip.me has just come my way via Adrian Short’s Twitter feed.  This is what the tool currently says it does:


Klip.me is a service focus on Web Reading, help user to get better mobile reading experience.

This service support Kindle (Email), Android (Native App) and iOS (Web App), in the future it will support more devices.

Klip.me Browser Extension/Bookmarklet based on MooTools, back-end services running on Google App Engine, part of the UI design reference form V2EX.

The Team

We are a small team, most of the time we are in Xiamen, a quiet coastal city in China

This service is a work in progress, any feedback is highly welcome and will help us in adding new features.

*** English is not our native language, it is a little difficult for us to reply emails, usually it might be a little slow for response, and we can not reply every messages, but we will read all your feedbacks and suggestions. You are welcome to tell us if there are spelling / grammatical errors, we will fix them as soon as possible.

Essentially, by using Klip.me, you can send the content (I assume only text content, and potentially some images) of any web page to your Kindle-, Android- and Apple-enabled devices, for reading later at leisure.  In the case of the Kindle, which is the example I am most familiar with, it involves configuring your device to accept emails from Klip.me and thus allowing you to send and convert the content you’re interested in.  If you don’t want Amazon to charge you the standard 3G charge for conversion of 20p per 1MB or part of, you need to ensure you configure your device for the emails in question to be sent to your @free.kindle.com address, and then use wifi to download the content.

More background and support can be found at Klip.me’s blog.

In the meantime, here is a piece I recently wrote on the reading experience Kindle provides, with some links to other posts I’ve also been minded to produce.

One of which being the most read piece 21stCenturyFix.org has ever had!


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