In praise of café torrefacto, the essence of heaven

Café torrefacto. My favourite sort of coffee. Wikipedia describes it thus:

Torrefacto refers to the process of roasting coffee beans. It is common in Spain, France, Portugal, Costa Rica and Argentina.

The process involves adding a certain amount of sugar during roasting in order to glaze the beans. This results in a reduction in the acidity and bitter taste of the coffee.

The glazed beans are then mixed with normal roasted beans.

Biologist Isabel López Galilea, a researcher at the University of Navarra, has studied the effects of various roasting and preparation methods on the antioxidant capacity of coffee. According to her study, “The Influence of Torrefacto Roasting on the Principal Components of Coffee and its Antioxidant and Pro-oxidant Capacity,” the addition of sugar during the torrefacto roasting process increases the production of compounds with antioxidant properties. It was demonstrated that both ground and brewed torrefacto coffee has higher antioxidant capacity than standard roasts. In addition, it was found that the espresso method of extraction yielded higher antioxidant activity than other brewing methods.

So it not only tastes wonderful but it’s also good for you. The beans themselves look like little black beetles. When you grind them, you think the planet would be a happier place if only the universe smelt the same.

This is the essence of heaven.

I don’t drink alcohol very often but I do love coffee – a good cup of coffee is the sort of thing that makes a good day better and a bad day survivable. Bad coffee, on the other hand, is no joke. Hot water is not a drink but a punishment. Whilst brown hot water is a crime.

We always go to my wife’s home town of Salamanca for our summer holidays. At the moment, we’re drinking the brand of coffee we buy when we go to Salamanca. Salamanca is not far from the Portuguese border and it’s Portuguese coffee that really makes our day.

We buy kilos of the stuff to get us through the long dark slog that is a British winter.

The brand’s called Monte Negro. It’s so good I just have to give you their contact details:

Torrefacção Cubana. Lda.
Av. General Humberto Delgado, 39/43 – Apartado 16
7370-999 Campo Maior

Whilst their website is here and an overview of their products can be found here.

No commission involved. Just wanting to spread the word.

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